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How I Relax While Scrapbooking (Layout Process Video)

Some days, I don’t want to worry about complex design elements, trying out new techniques, or fretting about how far behind I am on my day-to-day scrapbooking.

Some days, I just want to relax.

And sure, you might be saying, “Well, scrapbooking is a hobby. Of course it’s relaxing!” but that’s just not always the case, is it? Not when we put so much pressure on ourselves to keep up with whatever standards of production we think is ideal. And certainly not when we’re so overwhelmed by the pretty layouts on Pinterest and by all the new techniques we try that never quite end up looking like they do on other people’s layouts.

This week, I just wanted to get lost in the scrapbooking process. In the video, I compare the sensation to being at the spa. I wanted to feel like I was as relaxed while putting together this layout as I am when I go to the spa.

And when I’m eager for that feeling, I have a few go-to scrapbooking techniques that almost always work: hand stitching, and playing with pattern paper are my favourites.

Check out the video, and then let me know what your favourite scrappy techniques are when you just want to get lost in the process and let your cares melt away for a little while.


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Father’s Day Scrapbook Layout

I had some cute photos to scrapbook from this past Father’s Day, and I gave myself a challenge: no pink, no flowers, and nothing that would make my husband run screaming from the room.

A scrapbook layout and YouTube process video featuring the June 2016 Hip Kits Club kits. Lots of scrapbooking tips, techniques, and inspiration!

For the full story, and a look at how this layout came together, check out the process video.


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Scrapbook Process Video: Our Little Gandalf

This week I created another 12×12 layout that will go in my daughter’s Love Letters album.

I’m going to be honest and say I’m letting my nerd flag fly in this layout (because Gandalf is seriously awesome, and there’s nothing like a 1-year old with a giant stick to make me think of an old wizard and his staff), but that’s exactly the kind of thing I want my daughter to know about her mom, and that’s why I think these love letter layouts are so important.

A scrapbook layout and YouTube process video featuring the Jolly Holiday kits from Studio Calico. Lots of scrapbooking tips, techniques, and inspiration!

Check out the full process video for all the details, the story behind the photos, and a closer look at the journaling.

Your turn! Do you write lengthy journaling at times, like I do, or do you prefer to keep it simple and succinct?

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Scrapbooking Process & Tutorial: Frame A Beautiful Face

I had this gorgeous photo of my parents, taken when they were dating, way back in 1978. They were walking through Dracula’s Castle in Romania, where they’re both from (and where I was born). They stopped to set up the camera on a timer (who knew cameras had timer features back then?) and then captured this magical moment of the two of them frozen in time, poised for a kiss.

I adore this photo. I’ve been wanting to scrapbook it for a while now, and I’m thrilled to have finally had the opportunity to do it.

Immediately, I knew I wanted to draw my viewer’s attention directly to their bright and beautiful faces. So that was my inspiration for creating this layout.

A scrapbook layout and YouTube process video featuring the Jolly Holiday kits from Studio Calico. Lots of scrapbooking tips, techniques, and inspiration!

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